Friday, February 27, 2015

my rimu logo

For a challenge, everyone had to design a Rimu logo so I decided to post mine for you.
The vines are connecting all three rimu trees/classes together. In the middle there is note that reads: 
   Learning together 
I like my logo because I made it myself by using google drawings. The trees are rimu trees. I got inspiration on images.  
Hope you like it, please comment.    

Friday, February 20, 2015

Beans moment

Hi, blog reader I have a new blog post for you. It's about our rotation. The part I am doing it a beans moment about netball. I love netball, that is why I chose it. Go ahead and read...

“Get in the car everyone.” Mum yelled. My Brothers and I slowly shivered our way to the car, then drove quickly to the netball court. When we got there my team warmed up then we played the superb game.

If the ref yelled at us we had to obey her.  When I got on the court my hands were frozen so when ever I caught the ball I felt like dropping it. Whenever I got a shooting position, I basically miss all of my goals.
Though I am not as good at netball I still love it.     


Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Report

My Book Report

Hey there blog reader here is something for you, As one of our activities we had to make a book report. I decided to  do report Matilda. I am currently reading Matilda that is why I chose it. 

It had taken me a while to make the report, but in the end I got it. I hope you enjoy it. Any way the report  is ready read on.

        please comment

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Helping Hands

Using the warm and cold colours made terrific helping hands. For our fingers I used these warm colours: yellow orange light blue red and pink
and the palm, cold colours: dark blue both greens and purple. We made these hands for our  super jobs.