Friday, February 20, 2015

Beans moment

Hi, blog reader I have a new blog post for you. It's about our rotation. The part I am doing it a beans moment about netball. I love netball, that is why I chose it. Go ahead and read...

“Get in the car everyone.” Mum yelled. My Brothers and I slowly shivered our way to the car, then drove quickly to the netball court. When we got there my team warmed up then we played the superb game.

If the ref yelled at us we had to obey her.  When I got on the court my hands were frozen so when ever I caught the ball I felt like dropping it. Whenever I got a shooting position, I basically miss all of my goals.
Though I am not as good at netball I still love it.     



  1. Love how you use your senses and show honesty and humour. Well done, Bella.

  2. I love the line "slowly shivered our way to the car" because it sure is cold on those winter mornings.

  3. You are certainly amazing at netball. I loved how you said what you were feeling at the time. Very descriptive, well done.