Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Swimming Reflection

Swimming reflection
This week I'm going to blog for you my swimming reflection. For our swimming we had to add a photo of as doing our stroke (you will find the photo down the bottom.) so go ahead, here it is :


I like...breaststroke
I don’t like… butterfly


I can swim...3-4 lengths
I am strong at... (kicking, my arm strokes, breathing, putting it altogether) (choose one) putting it all together
I am working on (choose one) breathing

Other strokes
I am strong at...kicking and my arm stroke
I am working on…breathing

I want to be able to….. put it all together strongly

A time I showed Parkvale Pride in the pool was……….
competitive swimming sports 2015
Photo of me practising my stroke (get a buddy to take it)


Hope you like it, please comment, your blogger Bella.

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  1. Good reflection Bella. It is important to focus on your next learning step!