Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blue Reading

Hello and Welcome back to the blog. I thought that one of my recent readingtask would be good to shear so have a good read/ look

Blue Group Reading Task

Design an animal enrichment toy or feeding system to keep an animal entertained in a zoo. You can present this any way you like.

You should consider:
Who is it for? A Kea.
How will it work? The Kea can fly or climb up then pick at the food balls.
Who will make it? There will be pre plated trees and you would put a vine through them.  It is easy to make the food balls so maybe they could put on a school holiday program for that one. The stairs and the fake kea could be made by a craftsmen.
Who will maintain it? All they will have to do is replace the food balls. The zookeepers
What are the benefits to your system? The keas will get fit and eat food.
What are the negatives? The keas can peck at the fake keas.

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