Thursday, May 28, 2015

Moment in time

This post is to do with my last post camp. This is my camp moment in time. For this we needed to write a moment in time about one of are favourite things on camp.
Moment in time- The Amazing Race
Speedily I pulled my shoes on and raced over to the confidence course with the other of the 3 in my team Khushi, Hannah and Jodi. There we were to see the a parent with a challenge once we got up the steep hill. We tuned to left and see Garrett he tells us that we had to get everyone over the high wooden wall. I felt all my muscles set to work as I help my team mates over. ‘Ok’ I think to myself one at a time we all try to get over the wall after the other person has got over we all do get over, ever singal one of as. We got are scores and raced over to the next activity.

After we had been rushing through the activities we arrived at the 2nd to last Challenge. Looking at are scorecard I realised that it was pretty full. When we got to the teneis course we see that someone was there. We ask Mrs Love what we could do, she says ‘you can collect sticks because at this challenge you have to spell Waikarimoana with sticks.’ We all started looking for sticks. a while later we ask ‘Can we try write waikarimoana on the scorecard.’ she says ‘Yes.’ we try to figure out how to spell it. The first time we get one letter wrong, but the second time we get it right. A while later Mrs L told as that we could start even with the other team on.

By the time we finished the other team was a while ahead so we run to catch up to them and when we did they were taking off their shoes so we quickly did the same and overtook them. We rushed in and speed walked down the hallway ready to eat. When we got in there we had to deiced what to do I let the other deiced first. ‘I think I will go with the weetbix’ Hannah says. ‘I am going with the Olive and cauliflower’ Jodi blurts ‘I guess ‘I will take the pickle’ Khushi spook I pull the tiny metal plate closer on it was a sadin and two marshmallows with peanut butter spread between them. Nible, slurp, nible, slup the sadin was gone. I take another big gulp of water. gulp, gulp, slurp there is no more water and no more food, it had all diapered. We took are scores we were finished, we had just completed The Amazing Race. Now we could go down to the tennis court and play some games.

This toke me a whille to write but I didn't give up.


  1. Well done Bella.
    That is big moment in time and a very good one.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Good job for not giving up Bella, that is a good size story of your amazing time at camp