Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reading task (Penguins and oil spills) wk8

Hello and welcome back to the blog. This week I will be sharing my reading task about Penguins in oil spills. We were learning to use information that we got from This link and answer these questions. I am sharing this because it was interesting learning about the penguins.

1.How do the sweaters help the penguins?
The sweaters help by not letting oil came into the skin of the penguin. Also by making sure they keep warm if they do get touched

2.Write down the meaning of these words. Then do three of your own.
To get in a tangle
To be separated from other living things.
To take a food or a liquid into the body
An animal that you hunt for food
Existing nurture state, wild
Of the form to cross

3. Explain why are spills such a problem for penguins. Try to include some reasons or examples.

The oil spills are so bad to ingest because they make the penguins cold and they use up energy and can’t swim and will drown.  Also The oil spills can make them very sick and could lead to bad things. For example if they are laying an egg the egg could get the cold and never hatch or live with the sickness.

4. How could oil spills be avoided in the future?

Making sure that oil does not get too close to the water and lids are secure.

5. Making connections- Can you make a connection to this text?

TS I remember once in class we talked about oil spills and what they did.

Hope you like it, please comment.

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