Monday, April 4, 2016


Hi welcome back to my blog. Recently we've been on camp and I thought that I would share my Camp Reflection with you.You had to choose at least 4 questions to answer, but I chose 5.  I really enjoyed doing this so I hope you enjoy reading!

Here it is:
What was your least favourite part of camp and why?
My least favourite part was when I had to sleep in the lodge because my mattress was very skinny and I found it hard to get to sleep.

Rate camp out of 10 and explain your rating.
9.5 because It all was very good except when I was sleeping in the lodge because like I said before, my mattress was too skinny.

Which night did you enjoy the most and why?
I enjoyed the second night more because I was sleeping somewhere I had never slept before and I got to have a yummy dessert that we made ourselves.  The bed's there were really fascinating and I liked sleeping up the top it was awesome.

How did you feel before camp compared to after camp?
Before camp I felt really excited but nervous at the same time, but after I was so happy I went. It was a great experience, I would definitely go again.

Which activity did you like the most and why?
I liked the river walk because it was a great experience and I didn't want it to finish. The view we had was awesome.

Here are some photos from my experience:

Me at Puketapu reserve
Weka camp
I hope you enjoyed my blog post, I'll see you at my next post!


  1. It looks like you had fun and hot .
    wow and what a great blog post well done.

  2. Awesome post Bella. It brings back good memory's from a few weeks ago.

  3. Camp sounds amazing Bella, sorry about that skinny mattress, next time we will send a different one.