Thursday, April 14, 2016


Welcome back to my blog where today I will be showing you my i-Proud!  An i-proud is your favourite learning task but with a mini description at the end. I chose to do my scene description.Here's my I-proud:

This is my scene description
Beautiful-Beach-Landscape-1024x640 (1).png
When I turn around I see a wonderful sight.  As I glance into the amazing view I see a never ending ocean that could take me on the most amazing adventure. I look down only to see a wonky dock underneath me, stretching out into the open water. I hear the noisy birds chirping as the smell of sea salt drifts into my nose. The rocky mountains are casting a delightful reflection over my view.  Fluffy clouds above me make me feel safe.  The water is calm but looks cold at the same time.  As the relaxing breeze brushes across my face as I feel like I’m in paradise.

I am proud of this because...
It is a really great piece of writing and I had some really great word choice.
My biggest challenge was...
Making sure I made the best word choices.

I hope you enjoyed my post see you next time.


  1. Good Job Bella! You have done a amazing piece of writing on your scene description
    and you put a lot of amazing detail into it. Keep up the great work!

    Sincerely Brayden

  2. Well done Bella you have worked really well on your scene description
    keep the great work up.

  3. wow I love your whiting