Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Hello, welcome to my blog to see my super reading task.  This task was about vocabulary.   My favorite part was finding the synonyms of the words.  This task was a hand out and was really fun.  
Lions Week 8 Task!


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Writing Prove-it

Talofa and welcome to my blog! Today I'm sharing something I've never shared before, a workshop prove-it! A workshop prove-it is something you do after a workshop. The one I'm shearing a writing one about alliteration.
Workshop Prove It

I learnt about... Alliteration

Here is an example: Sally's silly sausages were sizzling.  

This was a very helpful workshop and I learnt that the words don't have to be together they just have to be close in the same sentence.
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i-Proud #2

Talofa and welcome to my blog for a quick I-proud update.  Yeah we're up to our second i-proud.  Again it's a writing piece but it is a piece for my evidence book.  It is free choice too.
My Best Learning

This is my free choice writing

I am proud of this because I think it is one of my best pieces of writing this year.
My biggest challenge was thinking of what to write.

Why everyone should learn to swim!

I think everyone should learn to swim. Swimming is a great sport and has a purpose.

Reason 1
Firstly Swimming is fun! Most of the strokes are fun, you can even learn some different types of strokes that you don’t see in the Olympics. Once you get the hang of it swimming isn’t hard it’s fun.  Plus you can race your friends!
Reason 2
Secondly it can save your life. If you're out swimming at the beach one day you may suddenly reach a deep part and not be able to touch the ground. How will you get out?  Or if you accidentally dive into the deep end of a pool and you're not near the edge?

Reason 3
Finally you could save someone else's life. How? Well if you are really good at swimming you can learn how to save lives.  You can have fun learning how to do it too.It may not sound that good but it is. When you save a life the person you saved will thank you and it could be really serious. It may get you in the newspaper or maybe even the news.  You will have a good feeling afterwards.


In conclusion swimming is a really great sport. Really you should consider learning to swim if you haven’t already. Enjoy swimming!

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Monday, June 20, 2016


Kiaora and welcome to my blog for a math task! This task was awesome. I did this task with my friend Liske. For this task you have to:
My shape looks like this:
Here is a video of it working:

I really enjoyed doing this and I hope you enjoyed watching  and reading it.


Kia ora and welcome to my supper blog. As you now from the tittle matariki is around and I have a reflection to share with you. For are reflection we had to simply answer some questions and put in ta photo. I really enjoyed matariki and this task. 

My Matariki Reflection

Share what your favourite part of the day was and explain why (because).
My favourite part of the day was starting the zumba, I found out what zumba was and really enjoyed it.

Share a time you used a learning muscle. Describe how you used it.
I used the learning muscle managing distraction when the other group were hammering nails into their art.

Describe your biggest challenge of the day.
My biggest challenge of the day was when I accidentally sewed myself to my tights.

Finish this sentence:
The best thing about Matariki is learning the running stitch.

Write a sentence for each letter (PRIDE) about how you showed PRIDE on our Matariki Day.
Personal Best:I tried my best to finished my sewing
Respect and Responsibility: I said thank you.
Integrity:  when I Asked for help when I needed it.
Determination:I kept trying to learn new zumba moves
Enjoyment: I enjoyed doing everything

A photo of me on Matariki day during the sewing Workshop:


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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Bonjour and welcome to my blog for a supper blog post. Today I'm sharing with you 2 reading tasks!  Both of these were supper fun to do.  One is from week 5 and the other from week 7.  Week fives was about green house gases and the other prediction and word meanings. Here it is:

Lions Reading Task Week 5:

To complete this task you will need to read the rest of the article to yourself.

Your task is to create a pamphlet giving people information about what is happening to the earth and how we can all reduce our carbon footprint.

Your pamphlet must include

  • What are greenhouse gases and how they are affecting the Earth.
  • At least 5 ways that people can reduce their carbon footprint.
  • At least 3 pictures that support your ideas.

You can use the information in this book and from the internet to create your pamphlet.

Lions Week 7 Task

  1. Read the rest of the story to yourself
  1. After you have finished reading the story, write a prediction about what you think might happen next.

Stomp on it! I lifted my foot up high in the air, held my breath and boom. The spaceship was no more!

  1. Pick 3 words from the story that you didn't already know the meaning for. Use your device or a dictionary, write down the definition for each word.

I was asset today.
I will prod you
A Canadian tree
Look at that Macrocarpas tree

  1. For each word you have chosen, write a sentence that includes that word.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Passion Protect Update

Hello And welcome back for a passion project update! Lets see what has been going on lately with my passion project.

My learning steps:
Step 1:Make a doc to be my book and find ingredients I need to be in certain types of baking, put on the Doc.
Step 2:Find out some good tips for baking
Step 3:Make My first recipe (This is were I am up to!)
Step 4:Bake my first recipe (take photos)
Step 5:Put in my book the instructions on how to do it with photos
Step 6:Repeats steps 3-5 until I have 3-5 recipes
Step 7:Print out and share
Wow I'm making great progress!

Lets see my latest diary entry
Session 7- Friday 27 May 2016
Started writing instructions

I am really enjoying passion project time. I can't wait for every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after lunch for it!

I hope you enjoyed my post today, keep looking out for more.

Bloggers lincene

Bonjour and welcome back to my blog where today it is my first post on my blogger licence! What is a blogger's licence you may ask well that's what I'm going to tell you. 

A blogger's licence is for super good blogger's (Everyone is a good blogger). If you have a blogger's licence you are aloud to do an unlimited amount of blogs about what ever you like. You also have to be good at getting blogs done.  If you want a blogger's licence you have to have something special about your blog, mine was speaking to the reader.

I got my blogger's licence last year and I was the only Yr 5 who got one and the only one with one so far this year! When I got it I felt really happy. 

The only bad thing is that you can get it taken off you.  If you do not keep the stranded you will get your licence sadly taken off you.

I can't wait for another great blogger to get a licence.