Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bloggers lincene

Bonjour and welcome back to my blog where today it is my first post on my blogger licence! What is a blogger's licence you may ask well that's what I'm going to tell you. 

A blogger's licence is for super good blogger's (Everyone is a good blogger). If you have a blogger's licence you are aloud to do an unlimited amount of blogs about what ever you like. You also have to be good at getting blogs done.  If you want a blogger's licence you have to have something special about your blog, mine was speaking to the reader.

I got my blogger's licence last year and I was the only Yr 5 who got one and the only one with one so far this year! When I got it I felt really happy. 

The only bad thing is that you can get it taken off you.  If you do not keep the stranded you will get your licence sadly taken off you.

I can't wait for another great blogger to get a licence.


  1. Well done Bella. I think that the blogs you are doing in 2016.(I wasn't in Rimu last year because I was only a year 3.)Well done Bella for getting a blogger licence.

  2. Thanks for explaining about a bloggers license Bella, its a real privilege to have earnt this, well done. I look forward to reading your blogs more often.