Tuesday, June 28, 2016

i-Proud #2

Talofa and welcome to my blog for a quick I-proud update.  Yeah we're up to our second i-proud.  Again it's a writing piece but it is a piece for my evidence book.  It is free choice too.
My Best Learning

This is my free choice writing

I am proud of this because I think it is one of my best pieces of writing this year.
My biggest challenge was thinking of what to write.

Why everyone should learn to swim!

I think everyone should learn to swim. Swimming is a great sport and has a purpose.

Reason 1
Firstly Swimming is fun! Most of the strokes are fun, you can even learn some different types of strokes that you don’t see in the Olympics. Once you get the hang of it swimming isn’t hard it’s fun.  Plus you can race your friends!
Reason 2
Secondly it can save your life. If you're out swimming at the beach one day you may suddenly reach a deep part and not be able to touch the ground. How will you get out?  Or if you accidentally dive into the deep end of a pool and you're not near the edge?

Reason 3
Finally you could save someone else's life. How? Well if you are really good at swimming you can learn how to save lives.  You can have fun learning how to do it too.It may not sound that good but it is. When you save a life the person you saved will thank you and it could be really serious. It may get you in the newspaper or maybe even the news.  You will have a good feeling afterwards.


In conclusion swimming is a really great sport. Really you should consider learning to swim if you haven’t already. Enjoy swimming!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, please comment!

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