Monday, June 20, 2016


Kia ora and welcome to my supper blog. As you now from the tittle matariki is around and I have a reflection to share with you. For are reflection we had to simply answer some questions and put in ta photo. I really enjoyed matariki and this task. 

My Matariki Reflection

Share what your favourite part of the day was and explain why (because).
My favourite part of the day was starting the zumba, I found out what zumba was and really enjoyed it.

Share a time you used a learning muscle. Describe how you used it.
I used the learning muscle managing distraction when the other group were hammering nails into their art.

Describe your biggest challenge of the day.
My biggest challenge of the day was when I accidentally sewed myself to my tights.

Finish this sentence:
The best thing about Matariki is learning the running stitch.

Write a sentence for each letter (PRIDE) about how you showed PRIDE on our Matariki Day.
Personal Best:I tried my best to finished my sewing
Respect and Responsibility: I said thank you.
Integrity:  when I Asked for help when I needed it.
Determination:I kept trying to learn new zumba moves
Enjoyment: I enjoyed doing everything

A photo of me on Matariki day during the sewing Workshop:


Thanks for reading! See you in the next post.

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