Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Passion Protect Update

Hello And welcome back for a passion project update! Lets see what has been going on lately with my passion project.

My learning steps:
Step 1:Make a doc to be my book and find ingredients I need to be in certain types of baking, put on the Doc.
Step 2:Find out some good tips for baking
Step 3:Make My first recipe (This is were I am up to!)
Step 4:Bake my first recipe (take photos)
Step 5:Put in my book the instructions on how to do it with photos
Step 6:Repeats steps 3-5 until I have 3-5 recipes
Step 7:Print out and share
Wow I'm making great progress!

Lets see my latest diary entry
Session 7- Friday 27 May 2016
Started writing instructions

I am really enjoying passion project time. I can't wait for every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after lunch for it!

I hope you enjoyed my post today, keep looking out for more.


  1. Well done Bella.I will be looking forward for to reading your recipe book and maybe trying a recipe.

  2. Nice work Bella. I love how you have showed were you are up to and how you have layed this out. Keep up the awesome blog post. I can see why you have a blogger licence. Liske

  3. That is so cool you are enjoying passion project time, I love it too. Great post Bella and your learning steps are great. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. wow that soundes amazing Bella cant what for it to de done
    :] :] :] :] :]

  5. Awesome Bella I can't wait until you show us your book I sounds great!