Thursday, September 1, 2016

Medal Brochure

Bonjour and welcome to my blog where today I am going to share my Medal Brochure! This medal brochure is one of my Olympic tasks that I have been doing.  I learnt a lot during this task and I hope you do too!

Gold , Silver

And Bronze

Medal Facts

The medals are secretly 3 of the 5 ages of man!

Olympic medals are the responsibility of host country!

Winter Olympic medals are more varied designs

NZ have won 109 medals!
  • 1896 Winners were given olive wreath/silver medal

  • 1904 first gold silver and bronze medals were given

  • 1956 Medals were given to Equation winners

  • 1960 medals placed around winners necks



first olympics medals   Google Search.png

Gold medals

Gold medals have been at the Olympics since 1896, that's like 120 years ago.  

Today's gold medals are made with 92.5% of silver!  Some are just gold plated.

In the ancient Olympics they used to give olive leaf wreaths or crowns to the winners!

The London games gold medals were 92.5% silver and 1.34% gold!

Silver medals

30% of the silver medals for the 2016 Olympics are going to be waste of left over mirrors!

1896 winners got silver medals!

The oldest person to win a silver medal is Oscar Swahn at 72 years and 281 days of age!

In 2016 the first silver medalist is shooter, Natalie Rooney of NZ!


Bronze medals are made of copper and tin.

In 1896 Bronze medals were given to athletes who came second place.

1904 was the first time Bronze medals were given to athletes who came Third place.

NZ have won 45 bronze medals which is the most they have won out of all medals with gold coming close in second.
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