Friday, November 18, 2016

Nui Cultural Evening!

Talofa, Kia ora, how are you today?  Today I am going to be talking about the Nui Cultural Evening!  The  Nui Cultural Evening is when most the Nui perform things like Kapa haka, Pisifika, Choir, Poetry, Photography, Music and solos! I did Kapa haka, Pisifika, Choir, Poetry and was going to do a solo but we were running late! 
This was the photo I entered:
These are my classes winners
Mya Wallace


The Judge was ...... Mr Lowe!  Well done to all the winners
This is my Poem

Here are some photos

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  1. The cultural evening was really fun! You participated in lots of things and you did great. I love your post and also your photo was amazing!!
    Keep up the awesome work and blog posts :)

  2. Great post Bella. You were in a lot of things.
    You looked amazing on stage. I love your poem!

  3. Wow Bella! that is so great I love the
    photo's your poem is FANTASTIC I love it
    well done bella kai pai.!!!

  4. Well done Bella great blog post
    Keep up the great work!!! ;)

  5. What a lovely blog post Bella. You did really well in the Nui cultural evening. I really liked the photos they are nice and clear. I think that you were outstanding at the Nui Cultural evening and tried you hardest.
    Kai Pai!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Good Job Bella the Cultural evening was really fun

  7. awesome job Bella
    keep up the great work. :] :]

  8. The cultural evening was so much fun!!
    If I didn't go to it I would be so bummedbecause you really persuaded me to go.
    I really liked how you put photos of the performances that you were in.
    My favorite performance was pasifika because it was really fun and all of the people really enjoyed it.
    Keep up the great work.

  9. Wow!!What a lovely blog post. I like the way how the photo's are nice and clear.I think that you looked awesome up on stage at the Nui Culturat evening ;u :l <3 <3 <3

  10. Wow Bella, that was an amazing blog post. My favourite was your photo that you entered. It looked very interesting. Keep up the good work:)!

  11. wow bella this blog blows my mine. I really like the pictures that you put in and it is really FANTASTIC well done kai pai.

  12. The cultural evening was so much fun!I like how you put in all the detail of the cultural evening and told what you entered to do,and also put in some photo's of other's.That was a really lovely blog post.