Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Kia ora everyone! Welcome back to my blog! This blog is about.... P.E. We have had 3 different P.E sessions lately.  Throwing, Running/Sprinting and Jumping!  My favourite one was... Jumping.   Jumping was taken by Mr M.
First we paired up and did different types of jumps. My partner was Liske.  My favourite jump was the hi-5 jump. All you have to do is jump up and hi-5 your partner.

Second we did 'Jenny/Jimmy jumps like'. That's when you stand in a circle with one person in the middle, the middle person says 'Jenny/Jimmy jumps like this' does a type of jump then says who's going next eg: Sarah, Bob. For my jump you do... feet in, out  then a star jump.
Still sticking to the topic we chose are favourite one of those jumps and shared it in are group and the other groups copied us and the other way round.  My group did a 360 dab!

Then 'The Sea'. The sea is when there is a series of long skipping ropes set up with a person on each end.  There are 4 different movements, the sea is low, when the rope are low, the sea is is wavy (when the rope is medium and moving), the sea is high when thee rope is high and the sea is wild when the rope go wild.  Me and Liske were one of the first then we all swapped.

Last but not least we did hop, skip and jump! We set up 3 skipping ropes and lined up in 2 lines. We toke turns running up, then Hop, Skip and Finely a Jump! After the hop, skip and jump part we did a little jog then Lined back up.

Some P.E photos!

                                                                                 ^  Throw 

^ Run

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